About Dezeen Events Guide

Dezeen Events Guide is the world's leading listings guide to architecture and design events around the world. It contains all the key fairs, conferences, design weeks and biennales that take place each year.

Created by Dezeen, the world's most popular and influential architecture and design magazine, the guide will grow in future to include smaller events such as exhibitions, talks and events that take place as part of bigger citywide events.

Dezeen Events Guide lists events up to a year ahead. Events are listed in chronological order, with the current month at the top. At the end of each month, that month's listings are archived and a new month added. This allows us to offer a rolling guide to 12 months of events.

Events can be filtered by month, location and type using the filters on the left-hand side of the listings (at the top on the mobile version).

There is a fee for inclusion in Dezeen Events Guide, with three different types of listing: standard, enhanced and featured. Listings are selected at the discretion of the Dezeen Events Guide team.

To find out about the packages we offer or to submit your event, email us at eventsguide@dezeen.com.

Dezeen Events Guide listing costs

Dezeen Events Guide offers a range of different listing types:

Standard listings cost £125 and include the event name, date and location details plus a website link. These listings will also feature up to 50 words of text about the event. Standard listings are included at the discretion of the Dezeen Events Guide team.

Enhanced listings cost £175 and include all of the above plus an image at the top of the listing's page and a preview image on the Dezeen Events Guide homepage. These listings will also feature up to 100 words of text about the event.

Featured listings cost £350 and would include everything as part of an enhanced listing plus a post on @dezeen Threads channel, inclusion in the featured events carousel on the right hand of the homepage for up to two weeks and 150 words of text about the event. This text can include commercial information such as ticket prices and offers and can feature additional links to website pages such as ticket sales, newsletter signups etc.


Each year, Dezeen partners with dozens of events around the world. Partnerships can range from a simple, cost-free exchange of value to larger packages involving banner advertising on Dezeen, editorial promotions and Dezeen Events Guide listings.

In addition, events often commission Dezeen to add value by creating a series of movies, co-hosting a party or talk, live-streaming discussions or inviting a key member of the Dezeen team to chair a panel discussion or give a talk.

Examples of larger partnerships include the Good Design for a Bad World project we created with Dutch Design Week, talks such as our live-streamed conversation with Doshi Levien at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, or our collaboration with IKEA Festival in Milan.

For more details about listings or to enquire about partnerships email eventsguide@dezeen.com. You can also download Dezeen's media pack for details of wider opportunities to work with Dezeen.


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