Identity 2024

Dezeen Awards 2024 identity "embraces inclusivity"

Graphic designer Micha Weidmann has used vibrant abstract forms to craft this year's Dezeen Awards campaign. Here, he explains how the identity took shape.

Dezeen Awards 2024 launched on Tuesday with a graphic campaign informed by the programme's calendar and global reach by London-based Weidmann.

The seventh edition of Dezeen's annual awards programme opened for entries in partnership with Bentley for the second year running.

Vibrant abstract forms will be featured throughout the campaign

The Swiss designer's ongoing collaboration with Dezeen spans over 17 years, from designing the logo in 2007 to designing the typographic Dezeen Awards visual identity last year.

"As the founder and creative director of my London-based art direction and design studio, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of designer brands and artists, crafting influential brand identities and exploring new creative territories," Weidmann told Dezeen.

In contrast to last year's word-centric approach, this year Weidmann introduced conceptual figures, intending to reflect the multifaceted nature of the awards programme.

The conceptual shapes reflect the multifaceted nature of the awards programme

"The colourful, abstract and graphic 3D figures represent any design discipline and give the campaign a more contemporary feel that welcomes fresh perspectives and designers worldwide," explained Weidmann.

"The online campaign mirrors the different phases of the Dezeen Awards calendar, thereby emphasising the continuous nature of the awards."

When considering Dezeen's digital presence, Weidmann highlights the campaign's adaptability across online platforms, using bright colours to illustrate the vibrant spirit of the awards.

Weidmann used bright colours to create a striking identity for Dezeen Awards 2024

"The abstract 3D figures stretch across various formats and platforms," said Weidmann. "A multitude of radiant and vivid colours shine prominently on screen, embodying the essence of an event dedicated to celebrating design."

The Swiss designer also considers the evolving campaign to reflect the ever-shifting discourse surrounding design.

"The campaign's abstract quality embraces inclusivity and invites designers to submit their visions of what design could evolve into in the future," he explained.

Identity 2024
The abstract 3D figures were designed to embrace inclusivity

Weidmann's studio is currently working on the identity for Tamart, a new furniture brand set to launch in Milan later this year.

Other ongoing collaborations include fashion brand Fendi, interior designer Rose Uniacke, and The Donum Art Collection, the world's largest accessible private sculpture collection in Northern California.

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Dezeen Awards 2024 in partnership with Bentley

Dezeen Awards is the ultimate accolade for architects and designers across the globe. The seventh edition of the annual awards programme is in partnership with Bentley as part of a wider collaboration to inspire, support and champion design excellence and showcase innovation that creates a better and more sustainable world. This ambition complements Bentley's architecture and design business initiatives, including the Bentley Home range of furnishings and real estate projects around the world.