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Veva table by Blå Station

Veva table by Blå Station

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish furniture brand Blå Station has created a table in collaboration with designers Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand, which has an adjustable height that can be modified by manually cranking a handle.

Blå Station's Veva table has a round base and tabletop joined by a cylindrical central leg.

Veva table by Blå Station
Different coloured tabletops, bases, legs and handles can be specified

The leg contains a telescopic inner tube that is raised and lowered by winding the handle manually.

Two height options are available – a shorter table that is 52 centimetres at its shortest and 72 centimetres at its tallest, or a taller table that ranges in height between 90 centimetres and 120 centimetres.

Veva table by Blå Station
Tables of two different standard heights make up the range

The base, leg and tabletop are made from chromed steel, lacquered steel or composite laminate, and the handle and crank housing are made from zinc.

The tabletop is 52 centimetres in diameter and the colours of each part of the table can be mixed and matched to create custom combinations.

Product: Veva table
Designer: Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius
Brand: Blå Station

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