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Still from Dezeen video of Tesla's Cybertruck being driven in a desert

Dezeen video reveals Tesla's Cybertruck in action

As Tesla rolls out deliveries of its controversial Cybertruck, this Dezeen video shares a look inside the electric pickup and showcases some of its unique features, including the hexagonal steering wheel and retractable truck bed cover.

The release of the car has been hotly anticipated since Tesla founder Elon Musk unveiled the concept in 2019, leaving commentators divided about whether its unconventional angular design is "courageous" or "ridiculous".


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Dezeen has produced a video showcasing Tesla's new Cybertruck 

Now, the five-seater is finally being delivered to the first buyers, although at a 50 per cent markup from what was originally promised five years ago.

Musk claims the Cybertruck combines a sports car's acceleration with off-road driving skills, making it a "better truck than a truck, while also being a better sports car than a sports car".

Cybertruck seen from the rear
The car features an unpainted stainless steel body

A new video produced by Dezeen demonstrates the suspension on the vehicle's all-terrain tyres being raised for cross-country driving, as well as showing its hexagonal steering wheel, reminiscent of that of a racing car.

The car's six-by-four-foot trunk bed is concealed behind an electric tonneau cover and tailgate, which can be seen opening at the touch of a button.

Instead of separate headlights, the Cybertruck features a long "light bar" at the front that can illuminate up to 480 metres ahead.

The car's chunky body is formed from angular panels of stainless steel that were left unpainted, with a panel of panoramic glass for a roof.

Still from Dezeen video showing cockpit of Tesla's electric pickup truck
Its hexagonal wheel resembles that of a racing car

Both the body and the glass are reportedly bulletproof against nine-millimetre cartridges leading James McLachlan, editor of Car Design News, to compare it to a "mobile fortress".

"The Cybertruck encapsulates a dystopian future vision where the United States is sliding into lawlessness," he wrote in a recent opinion piece for Dezeen.

Cybertruck provided by VoyageATX, footage and edit by Sonia Singh.