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The top 10 Reels of 2023 from Dezeen's Instagram

Next in our review of 2023 we highlight the top 10 most-viewed Reels that we have published on Dezeen's Instagram this year, including a film showcasing Ecuador's tallest building by BIG and a tour of Barbie's life-size dream house.

The past 12 months also saw Dezeen interview creative studio AMO on the moving ceiling they designed for a Prada fashion show, run a series of talks exploring "planet-saving" solutions using crafts and discover a delft blue archway wrapped in 3,000 unique 3D-printed ceramics tiles in the Netherlands.

Read on for Dezeen's top 10 Instagram reels of 2023:



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Olson Kundig places movable studio on rail tracks in Washington State

Claiming the top spot with 1.5 million views is ​​Olson Kundig's moving studio in Washington State.

Called Maxon Studio, the project comprises a two-storey weathering-steel structure, constructed as an office for the client's branding agency in Carnation, Washington. The studio was built on top of 15-foot-gauge railroad tracks so that it can either be a "nested" addition to the client's home, or move away to become an independent structure.

Besides the functional aspect of the rails, other elements of railroad design were implemented in the project, as an ode to the "legacy of the rail industry in the local region", the studio said.

Find out more about Olson Kundig's mobile Maxon Studio ›



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Moving ceiling and art-deco chandeliers form setting for Prada menswear show

Kinetic architecture proved to be popular again on Instagram Reels in 2023, as this moving ceiling for the Prada menswear show garnered 1.1 million views.

AMO, the research and creative studio of OMA, added a retractable ceiling to the Fondazione Prada which moved to reveal a series of art deco chandeliers for Prada's Autumn Winter 2023 menswear show.

Find out more about Prada's menswear show ›



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Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang x Saint Laurent lett off daytime fireworks

Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang used more than 40,000 pigmented fireworks for this display along the coastline of Iwaki, Japan, which gained nearly 1 million views on Instagram in July.

Shown as part of their solo exhibition, Guo-Qiang collaborated with fashion label Saint Laurent to create a daytime firework display in Fukushima Prefecture.

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Menswear label Harri showcases inflatable latex clothing

Our audience demonstrated their appetite for on-the-ground fashion coverage as this reel showcasing menswear label Harri's Spring Summer 2024 show from London Fashion Week racked up nearly 850,000 views.

The collection features latex pieces with inflatable elements, as well as tailored jackets and suits. The balloon-like trousers are inflated through valves at the bottom of each garment, while a tightly-fitted waist prevents air from escaping.

Find out more about Harri's inflatable latex clothing ›



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Video tour presents Barbie and Ken's lifesize dollhouse in Malibu

Rental website Airbnb showed us around the bright-pink Barbie dream house in Malibu with over 800,000 views.

Made available by Airbnb in June, the house sits on the beachfront in California and features a full-size plastic toy horse and an infinity pool.

The video showcases many of the smaller details designed for the house, including a vanity with a pink Barbie phone, perfume bottles and debit cards. On the deck outdoors, a barbecue is cooking plastic cuts of meat and a bright-pink slide ends in a pink pool.

Find out more about Airbnb's Barbie dream house ›



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Coperni's viral spray-on dress highlights talk by the technology's inventor

Innovative fashion design proved popular again with the Dezeen audience, as this Reel looking back at Coperni's viral spray-on dress garnered nearly 700,000 views.

The video highlighted The Mills Fabrica's collaboration with London Craft Week on a series of talks presenting future-facing climate solutions using crafts, which was livestreamed on Dezeen.

The event featured presentations from leaders in sustainable fashion, including Manel Torres who invented the technology behind the spray-on Coperni dress which was modelled by Bella Hadid at Paris Fashion Week in 2022.

Stream the talks from The Mills Fabrica's Planet-Saving Innovations day at London Craft Week ›



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BIG completes Quito's tallest building with pixelated facade

This Reel, filmed by Pablo Casals Aguirre, shows Danish architecture studio BIG's recently completed Iqon tower in Quito, Ecuador, which gained 675,000 views on Instagram.

The 32-storey high-rise, now the tallest building in the Ecuadorian capital, is defined by a facade of cascading balconies dotted with native plants and trees. The balconies were arranged by BIG to frame views over the city and the Pichincha volcano.

Discover more of BIG's recent projects ›



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"Architects are so sheltered in terms of their sharing of knowledge" says Wendy Perring

This year, Hampshire-based Pad Studio released a post-occupancy study on an eco-house it completed 13 years ago. This Reel showcases the low energy home, with over 650,000 views.

Architecture practice Pad Studio completed New Forest House in 2010. Over the past year, it has been actively measuring the home's energy usage. The studio funded the study itself, as a learning exercise.

Find out more about Pad Studio ›



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Pharrell Williams stages his debut Louis Vuitton menswear show on the Pont Neuf

A Reel featuring Pharrell Williams Louis Vuitton menswear show debut on the Pont Neuf, which is the oldest standing bridge in Paris, brought in over 620,000 views.

Spring Summer 2024 marked Williams' first season with the French fashion house following his appointment to the role of men's creative director earlier this year.

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New Delft Blue archways wrapped in 3,000 unique 3D-printed ceramics tiles

Architecture practice Studio RAP has combined algorithmic design and 3D printing to create a pair of archways informed by Delft Blue porcelain at the PoortMeesters housing in the Netherlands, featured in this Reel which gained nearly 600,000 views.

The archways were designed to frame entrances to a courtyard garden at the centre of the housing development in Delft designed by The Hague-based VY Architects.

Find out more about Studio RAP ›

Dezeen review of 2023

2023 review

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