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Pulkra lists furniture and products made from concrete on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Pulkra has displayed a selection of products from its catalogue on Dezeen Showroom, which are made out of its patented concrete composite, Acron.

Pulkra pioneered the lightweight yet strong composite material for use across a variety of applications, including in the manufacturing of its Compage tableware range.

Incense stick burning
The accessories in the Compage collection have a sculptural quality

An incense burner, candle holder, tray and bowl comprise the collection, which was designed by Martinelli Venezia, a design studio based in Milan and Palermo, Italy.

Each piece has a modular, elongated pyramidal base allowing them to be connected in a linear arrangement. They can also be purchased and used in isolation.

Stormo Studio designed the Manifesto table for Pulkra
The Manifesto table is characterised by its legs, which appear to consist of stacked empty boxes

Italian design studio Stormo Studio referenced the qualities of balance and voids in the Manifesto table.

The tabletop comes in two shapes – square or rectangular – both supported by pairs of stacked, hollow cubes.

Multiplo table and chair by Finemateria for Pulkra
The Multiplo table and chair share curved elements

Pulkra's Multiplo table and chair set were designed by Milan-based design studio Finemateria, united by their curvilinear forms and cylindrical bases.

Both the seat and table have understated forms that can be used both individually and as a set either indoors or outdoors.

Black bath tub on white background
Two bathtubs are found in the collection – one round and one long

Items in the Dome bathroom suite – created by Italian design duo Pio and Tito Toso – all comprise hemispherical or capsule-shaped forms intersected by flat horizontal planes.

Two bathtubs and two shower trays are joined by a sink and a pouf in the collection, and like the rest of Pulkra's products, come in either black or white.

Dome bathroom suite by Pio and Tito Toso for Pulkra
Each piece in the collection has a seamless, continuous surface

Pulkra is an Italian design brand that designs and manufactures furniture, products and accessories from Acron, its own patented material.

The brand regularly collaborates with Italian design studios to create simplistic and clean-cut designs at varying scales, from furniture to tableware.

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