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OmniRoom in a mint green colour

Mute's OmniRoom offers diverse selection of adaptable office spaces

Promotion: office brand Mute has expanded its workplace configuration system OmniRoom to include 17 designs for creating adaptable workspaces.

OmniRoom is a flexible office system that includes the choice of modular "rooms", such as workstations, lounge areas, conference rooms and coffee points.

OmniRoom in mint green
Office brand Mute has expanded its workplace configuration system named OmniRoom

The system was launched in early 2023 and has received numerous industry recognitions, including the Best of Neocon Gold, the Mixology '23 Award and a Dezeen Awards nomination.

The recent additions to the OmniRoom collection include "multifunctional hubs", which serve a wide range of functions – for example combining lounge spaces, office pods, and meeting rooms in a series of connected rooms. Users can choose between custom designs or preconfigured rooms.

OmniRoom featuring two peach-coloured chairs
OmniRoom is a flexible office system that includes the choice of modular "rooms"

The system is assembled using a time-saving click-in system that Mute says can be easily dismantled and moved when the needs of the workplace change.

The rooms come fully equipped with electricity and lighting, and enclosed rooms are equipped with acoustic solutions for noise reduction and ventilation.

The company says that OmniRoom responds to changes in the workplace as office spaces need to be flexible to quickly adapt to changing needs.

According to Mute, modifying OmniRoom is cheaper and easier than transforming the architecture of an office, and users can create varied structures with the same modules, "ensuring the system fits their ever-changing needs".

OmniRoom featuring two desk spaces
The system is assembled using a time-saving click-in system

"The modern workplace is undergoing rapid and exciting changes, focusing more than ever on flexibility, sustainability, and employee well-being," said CEO of Mute Szymon Rychlik. "By creating office fit-outs with products that support adaptable architecture, organizations can respond to these new challenges seamlessly."

"Making changes in office layout with OmniRoom is easier, cheaper, and more earth-friendly than with fixed construction," continued Rychlik.

The brand also says that OmniRoom ensures that diverse tasks can be undertaken within the office at the same time without distraction. These include dedicated spaces for focused work, private video calls, collaborative work or presentations.

"The selection of OmniRoom hubs makes arranging the whole space with different zones easier than ever," said Kamil Smolnik, products and services director at Mute. "Thanks to its modular nature, the system is infinitely flexible and has already surprised us with how many ways designers can utilize it."

"It fits as well in a bank lobby or call centre fit-out as in a car repair shop," continued Smolnik.

OmniRoom featuring a table and chairs
The rooms come fully equipped with ventilation, electricity and lighting

OmniRoom will be presented at the Workspace Design Show in London on 27 and 28 February 2024. The system can be viewed at 13 Mute partners' showrooms in Europe and the USA, as well as in Mute Experience Centres located in Munich, Germany and Galew, Poland.

To learn more about Mute and to browse all available OmniRoom designs, visit the brand's website.

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