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Exterior of Kjerringholmen in Norway by Line Solgaard Arkitekter

Dezeen's top 10 cabins of 2023

For the latest roundup in Dezeen's review of 2023, we've collected 10 cabins published this year, including a hut disguised as a boulder and a home where sliding walls open up to the elements.

Cabins have a small footprint, but this year designers have proven once again that size doesn't limit creativity or innovation when it comes to these secluded outposts.

Here are 10 cabins we covered in 2023 that resonated with readers:

Thérèse cabin in France
Photo by Dylan Perrenoud

Thérèse, France, by Bureau

Architecture studio Bureau used concrete to disguise this wooden cabin as a boulder. The work pays tribute to the novel Derborence by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, which tells the story of a shepherd who becomes trapped under rocks following a landslide, shortly after marrying a woman named Thérèse.

A pyramidal timber structure lays under the cabin's concrete exterior, with a single porthole window located on its facade.

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Exterior of Kjerringholmen in Norway by Line Solgaard Arkitekter
Photo by Einar Aslaksen

Kjerringholmen, Norway, by Line Solgaard Arkitekter 

The Kjerringholmen cabin by Line Solgaard Arkitekter was designed to blend with the rocks of the outcrop on which it is perched. Its prefabricated structure comprises three interconnected volumes clad in ash that will weather over time.

"The aim was to integrate the cabin with its surroundings, through its form and materiality, but also through the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces, considering the landscape as a feature of the house itself,"  said the studio's founder Line Solgaard.

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Omar Gandhi Corten Cabin Nova Scotia
Photo by Ema Peter

White Rock Cottage, Canada, by Omar Gandhi Architects

Located in a popular four-season resort town, the White Rock Cottage was created to be a "meditative escape". It consists of a Corten steel box placed atop slender columns and overlooking a valley.

"Diverging from neighbouring properties, we embraced a unique approach blending craft, design, texture and light variation to evoke an aura of mystery and darkness complemented by delightful surprises and breathtaking views of the forest and valley beyond," said Omar Gandhi.

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Photo by Eric Petschek

Three Summits, USA, by Nós

Three Summits Cabin in Vermont consists of three pitched roof-structures connected by one-storey walkways to host a multi-generational family. Nós designed the house's communal spaces to frame views of the surrounding mountain range.

"By the repetition of simple forms freely positioned on the site, the project generates a diversity of living spaces supporting the needs of communal life, while offering different relations with the landscape," said the studio.

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A horizontal cabin in the trees
Photo by Marcos Zegers

Quilanto House, Chile, by Hebra Arquitectos

The Quiltanto House in Chile was designed for a mother and her adult child, who has reduced mobility.

Hebra Arquitectos created a single-storey house lifted above the ground by steel pilotis and topped with a gabled, metal-covered roof. To make the space accessible for a wheelchair, a ramp leads to the front door, while the interior layout is simple, spacious and fluid.

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Cabin Above the Town by Byro Architekti
Photo by Ondřej Bouška

Cabin Above the Town, Czech Republic, by Byró Architekti 

Byró Architekti topped Cabin Above the Town with a sweeping, curved roof that takes inspiration from the surrounding Czech landscape.

"Thanks to the curved roof, when viewed from the garden or from a distance, the curve of the house follows the horizon of the landscape and symbolically closes the row of surrounding cottages," studio co-founder Jan Holub told Dezeen.

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A timber clad cabin
Photo by Juri Troy

Straw Flea House, Austria, by Juri Troy Architects and Caravan Atelier

The Straw Flea House is a single-bedroom weekend home located alongside a historic barn outside a small village in Austria. It was constructed using locally sourced timber and straw from the client's own forests.

The exposed-timber interior is almost entirely lined with shelving, right up to the structure's sloping roof.

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Aerial view of Cabin Anna in the Netherlands by Caspar Schols
Photo courtesy of Caspar Schols

Cabin Anna, Netherlands, by Caspar Schols

This modular cabin at the De Biesbosch National Park features sliding walls that allow it to be opened up to the elements.

Built into a wooden platform, the sliders are manually operated, which designer Caspar Schols said was intended to give inhabitants a feeling of being close to their surroundings.

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Exterior of the Biv Punakaiki cabin by Fabric Architecture
Photo by Stephen Goodenough

Biv Punakaiki, New Zealand, by Fabric

Architecture studio Fabric nestled the cross-laminated timber Biv Punakaiki cabin among rainforest trees on New Zealand's West Coast.

Its shape was informed by historic gold miners' huts in the area, with a raised volume protruding from the roofline intended to mimic chimney stacks.

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Overtreders W built Stable Stack with borrowed materials
Photo courtesy of Overtreders W

Stable Stack, Netherlands, by Overtreders W

Overtreders W built Stable Stack from found materials from the surrounding village and fastened them with bright green tie-down straps so that they could be eventually returned. The straps were also used as a decorative element and to add another layer of texture to the structure.

"Stable Stack showcases the beautiful possibilities that the combination of craftsmanship and sustainable handling of materials can offer."

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