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Globb seating by Stone Designs for Actiu

Globb seating by Stone Designs for Actiu

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish studio Stone Designs free floating Globb seating system, created for office furniture brand Actiu, is informed by the rounded shape of balloons.

The Globb seating system centres on modules with a rounded shape, encircled at the base by a steel tube frame that slightly presses in on the cushioning, emphasising its plumpness and pneumatic feel.

Globb seating by Stone Designs for Actiu
The Globb seating is meant to look soft and buoyant

Stone Designs were informed by balloons and are designed to break free from typical linear modular seating solutions and be placed at any angle.

There are three different base shapes ranging from a pouf to a rectangular two-seater and a large, square four-seater, and all can be ordered with or without backrests. Side tables that echo the seating's shapes and materials are also available.

Globb seating by Stone Designs for Actiu
It is available with coordinating side tables

"The Globb collection encapsulates the organic essence and sinuous lines of an elongated globe and its seats combine to form creative combinations," said Stone Designs co-founder Cutu Mazuelos.

"An emphatic, very organic collection with no sharp edges or defined limits. It is freely arranged at any angle you wish. It is a growing family with a very close, functional and playful character."

Product: Globb
Designer: Stone Designs
Brand: Actiu

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