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Piatraonline unveils Raw stone collection that "adds elegance and warmth to a room"

Promotion: Romanian stone brand Piatraonline has launched Raw, a collection of natural stone tiles that "uncovers the material's wild and rugged character".

Piatraonline's collection contains more than 100 textures and is derived from handpicked granite and marble.

The stone tiles can be used for both floors and walls and come in a number of colours, including rust, black, grey and green.

Raw stone tiles featured in a living room
The stone comes in a number of earthy colours, including green and rust

Raw aims to showcase the natural beauty of stone while adding a sense of "elegance and warmth" to a room, the brand said.

"Extraordinary projects cannot come to life with ordinary materials," Piatraonline managing partner Mariana-Bradescu Constantinescu said. "With Raw, nature's inaccessible beauty is unearthed."

"Using state-of-the-art technology, the stone surface is finished to reveal the full depths of its character."

Raw stone tile collection
Over 100 textures are included in the collection

According to Piatraonline, the stone in its Raw range is ideal for high-traffic areas such as the walls and floors of bathrooms and kitchens and is durable to wear and tear.

It can also be used for hotel facades or large-scale installations and can be cut into custom shapes and sizes.

"Raw is an exclusive collection created to fuel the creativity of designers and architects when it comes to custom projects, whether they are big and bold, like a hotel facade or small and unique, like a statement installation created for an unconventional concept store," said Piatraonline.

Raw stone tiles featured in a living room
Piatraonline has launched a collection of natural stones called Raw

The brand says that Raw gains its texture from a high-processing technique, which involves etching graphic patterns onto the surface of granite or marble to create "mesmerising textures".

The technique also allows the brand to create thin slabs, which ensures the product is easy to install.

Raw stone tiles close up
The collection aims to "uncover the material's wild and rugged character".

"The Raw collection embodies a new side of stone that is at the same time rough and refined," said Constantinescu. "Stone has been finished to look unfinished. Rough around the edges, but chiselled to perfection."

"A paradox that becomes the centrepiece of a wide range of design projects," the studio continued. "Unlike classic, perfectly polished, high-gloss finishes, the force, boldness and ruggedness of the Raw collection convey a contemporary look to any interior design project."

The collection is held at a gallery within the Piatraonline showroom in Bucharest, Romania, which can be visited on request.

To view more about the collection or to order products or samples visit Piatraonline's website.

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