Riccardo Cavaciocchi and Chris Cooke create paper marble trophies for Dezeen Awards 2023

Architect Riccardo Cavaciocchi and Bentley's Chris Cooke have used material created by Paper Factor for this year's Dezeen Awards trophies, which will be presented next week.

The trophies will be awarded at our sold-out event hosted by British broadcaster Laura Jackson in London on Tuesday 28 November.

Dezeen Awards 2023 trophies
This year's trophies are hand-crafted using Paper Factor material

According to Dezeen Awards judge Cooke, luxury and sustainability were "the fundamental inspiration behind this year's design".

"We were keen to collaborate with a craftsperson who is redefining the luxury landscape through material innovation," said Cooke, who is head of design collaborations at Bentley Motors.

"We had previously worked with Ricardo Cavaciocchi on a unique furniture piece with Bentley Home and so were familiar with his work and approach to projects," he continued.

"His paper material is a stunning example of responsible craftsmanship producing a distinct aesthetic."

Dezeen Awards 2023 trophy
Paper Factor material is a compound of micro-paper

Paper Factor material is an evolution of papier-mache, made from a compound of micro-paper, and developed in collaboration with the University of Salento.

PaperFactor founder Cavaciocchi explained how his products have a range of applications across architecture and design.

"PaperFactor produces and develops innovative products and surfaces as a material platform for contemporary architecture and design," Cavaciocchi told Dezeen.

"The backbone of our production process is the path to sustainability," he continued. "We produce surfaces for interior architecture, contemporary design, furniture, automotive design and yachts."

Dezeen Awards 2023 trophy
Each Dezeen Awards category sector has a different colour

The d-shaped trophies, which have been made in six colourways, were handmade using a wooden core which is layered with Paper Factor.

"We created the surfaces by hand and applied various layers of PaperFactor skin with natural pigments until we reached a defined and continuous shape," explained Cavaciocchi.

"We developed a unique colourway and vein structure for architecture, interiors, design, sustainability, Designers of the Year and the Bentley Lighthouse Award," added Cooke.

"As every trophy is handmade, the marbling for each one is also distinct, allowing the winner to take home a completely individual statement of their success," he continued.

Dezeen Awards 2023
Dutch studio Atelier NL designed the original iconic d-shaped trophy

"Paper Factor was born and grew from a profound love for the materials that are part of everything that surrounds us and of which we are made," explained Cavaciocchi.

"I am very happy to have worked on this project with Dezeen and Bentley. I have been following Dezeen right from the start so it's a big part of my life."

The Dezeen Awards trophy design is based on the brick trophies that Atelier NL's Nadine Sterk and Lonny van Ryswyck designed for the first Dezeen Awards ceremony in 2018.

The Dutch duo had to come up with a new design in 2020 as the brick factory that produced the original trophies was forced to close down due to the coronavirus pandemic, which saw trophies in recent years crafted from hardwood salvaged from London trees.

Dezeen Awards 2023

Dezeen Awards celebrates the world's best architecture, interiors and design. Now in its sixth year, it has become the ultimate accolade for architects and designers across the globe. The annual awards are in partnership with Bentley Motors, as part of a wider collaboration that will see the brand work with Dezeen to support and inspire the next generation of design talent.