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Hover lamp in living room

Hover lampshade appears to be "magically hovering in the air"

Italian lighting brand Lodes has collaborated with Tokyo-based design studio YOY to create Hover, a lamp with a shade designed to look as though it's floating.

Designed to "surprise and create the unexpected", Hover was recently shortlisted for in the Dezeen Awards. Available as a table or floor lamp, it has a lampshade that is detached from its base and connected by a single cable running through the lamp's stem.

Hover table and floor lamp varieties featured in a living room
Hover comes as a table or floor lamp

"Extremely poetic in its simplicity, Hover perfectly exemplifies Lodes' commitment to balancing technical know-how with contemporary design," said Lodes.

"The Hover series includes a table lamp and floor lamp where the lampshades appear magically hovering in the air."

Two Hover table lamps featured in a living space
The lamp aims to "surprise and create the unexpected"

The lamp has a matte white finish, which according to Lodes is informed by Japanese aesthetics "offering a light, minimalist touch".

"The Japanese influence is clear in the aesthetic – allowing Hover to fit into several environments or moods seamlessly," said the brand.

Three hover lamps displayed on stairs
The lampshade is detached from its base

Lodes describes the technological process behind Hover as "extremely complex".

The light's cable runs through the inside of the stem and then emerges from it "ensuring a continuity that gently supports the shade".

Here, the cable is partly made from a metal pipe, which joins the shade and the pole, creating the illusion that the shade is floating.

Both variations of light feature a dimmer that's controlled by a power switch situated on the upper part of the stem.

Close up image of Hover's lighting dimmer
Hover can be dimmed using the power switch  on the upper part of the stem

"The Hover collection marks an opportunity to play with new materials," said Lodes.

"While the base is made of a white painted metal, the shade comprises a sheet made from a special compound of paper and polymer film, which further emphasises the lightness of the design language while extending its durability."

Hover was shortlisted in the lighting design category for this year's Dezeen Awards. Other lights shortlisted in the category include the Soft Serve light, which was informed by meringue and ice cream and Tom Dixon's Portable lamps.