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Bell Chair by Konstantin Grcic for Magis

Bell Chair by Konstantin Grcic for Magis

Dezeen Showroom: Italian furniture brand Magis has launched the Bell Chair, an affordable, stackable monobloc seat made of recycled polypropylene by Konstantin Grcic.

The Bell Chair, which retails for €77 (£70), is injection-moulded in one piece in less than a minute. This allows the production process to be as energy- and cost-efficient as possible.

Instead of using virgin plastic, the chair is made from recycled polypropylene from industrial waste from Magis' own factory, as well as from local automotive manufacturers.

Once the product has reached the end of its life it can be fully recycled, creating "an almost closed material cycle", according to Magis.

To keep material use to a minimum, Grcic engineered the rounded geometry of the design to offer maximum stability.

"You have to design everything in such a way that structurally it's strong, but with as little material as possible," Grcic explained in an exclusive video interview with Dezeen. "The best way to do that is to look at an egg-shaped shell."

This allows the Bell Chair to weigh just 2.7 kilograms, just over half the weight of a comparable plastic chair, according to the brand.

The chair comes in three colours, High Noon white, Midnight black and Sunrise orange, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Bell Chair can be stacked in a tower of up to 24 chairs. It is shipped in a stack of 12 units on a specially designed reusable delivery pallet that is also made of recycled polypropylene. This can be used to display the chairs in a retail environment.

Product: Bell Chair
Designer: Konstantin Grcic
Brand: Magis
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Bell Chair by Konstantin Grcic for Magis
Bell Chair by Konstantin Grcic for Magis