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Santos chair by Joel Escalona

The Santos chair by Mexican designer Joel Escalona is based on the form of a champagne glass.


The fibreglass chair is for manufacturers Grupo HeWi.


Here's some more information from the designer:


Inspired by the shape of a Champagne Glass, Santos is a drinking chair made of glass fiber.


This chair was designed by Joel Escalona for the Mexican company Grupo HeWi, and it was all supervised by the designer himself.


This design did not need any pencil sketch, because all the design process was made with digital rendering and fine-tuned in the prototyping process.


"I love to make pencil and paper sketches, I really do, but sometimes I like to model forms until I get a realistic image of my idea; so the Santos Chair was all design by digital techniques."


"I think digital rendering is a very useful technique, because by making a picture of one design I can get people´s likes and dislikes so quickly, so before prototyping I can get a closer look to high-quality form and technical design, instead spending money and time on many prototypes. Of course, there are a lot of exceptions."


Prototyping can take time, but in this step of design I can get a closer look of what I want, and change so many things of my designs until I get the final one.


This chair is ready now in several colors; distribution is worldwide.